Dr. Mendy Maccabee

Board Certified ENT and Allergy Care

Dr. Mendy Maccabee provides individualized and personal ENT, allergy, sinus and skin cancer care in Hood River and the Columbia Gorge. Dr. Mendy’s experience treating both children and adults, in her new clinic located in downtown Hood River offers state of the art care in a convenient and friendly location. Common children’s problems from simple ear piercings to recurrent ear aches and cough are cared for in her child friendly office. Adult issues including hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness and loss of balance are seen. Changes in smell and taste, recurrent sinus and allergy disease, breathing problems including nasal polyps and septal deviation are diagnosed routinely. Swallowing disorders, chronic cough, thyroid and parathyroid management and issues with smell and taste are treated. Skin cancer screening and removal is offered.

Caring for gorge residents since 2003, we are a local independent medical practice where YOU are our only priority.

What We Do

Personalized Ear Nose and Throat Care including: ear care and hearing evaluation, treatment of ear infections, pediatric evaluation and ear tubes. Tonsils and Adenoid evaluation and surgery. Child and adult ear piercing. Treatment of ‘surfers ear’ and ‘kiters ear’ and ruptured ear drums. Custom ear plugs for cold water and noise protection. Evaluation of tinnitus. Treatment of lip, tongue, mouth and throat problems including cancer. Evaluation and removal of skin cancers of scalp, ears, face, and neck. Thyroid testing and treatment, including thyroid hormone replacement and thyroid surgery. Parathryoid testing, treatment, and surgery. Salivary gland management including stones and dry mouth. Voice and swallowing disorder management, including chronic cough and voice change.

Comprehensive Sinus and Allergy disease treatment including: nasal exams and endoscopic sinus surgery (also called Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery FESS). Treatment of deviated septum and breathing issues. Evaluation of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

Personalized Allergy Care including: treatment of seasonal allergies, food allergies, stinging insect (bee sting allergy) and topical allergies with both injection (shot) and sublingual (oral drop) therapies tailored to the individual patient needs. SCIT and SLIT therapy. Asthma testing and treatment.

Our Patient's Well-Being is Priority #1

providing individualized, patient centered care for the Oregon and Washington Columbia gorge
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Because of our convenient downtown location, there are several options. 1) Automobiles and small trucks – 4 spots on the north side of the office – please use designated spots only. Entry drive on the east side of building exit on the west (its a circle drive). 2) All other autos, full size trucks and anyone not comfortable navigating a tight turn radius – State Street metered parking directly in front of the office and library as well as on 6th Street to the west. Free parking one block south on Sherman where it intersects 6th street one block south of our building.

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