Ear Wax

Dr. Mendy Maccabee treats Ear Wax in Hood River

Recurrent buildup of ear wax can be a nuisance, or can actually cause hearing loss, recurrent infections, and long term problems. Recurrent buildup of ear wax is one of the most frequent problems Dr. Mendy sees in adults who have new hearing loss. Although it seems a simple problem, many patients simply require scheduled ear was removal using the OtoMicroscope and special instruments to thoroughly clean the ear canal without causing pain or damage to the sensitive skin and ear drum. Ear wax buildup can cause earache, feeling of plugged hearing or fullness in the ear, partial hearing loss that gets worse, tinnitus, ringing, or noises in the ear, Itching, odor, discharge, pain, recurrent ear infections.

You can find more information about Ear Wax at enthealth.org by clicking here.

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